Balcony Solar Power Station

Introducing our Balcony Power Station Series: Revolutionize your balcony into a power hub with our cutting-edge solar charging and energy storage solutions. Embrace the future of clean energy with the latest integrated technology, making energy independence a reality. Discover the benefits:

  1. Seamless Integration: Immerse yourself in the convenience of a built-in inverter, ensuring a hassle-free and compact design.

  2. Cost-Efficiency: Save big with our affordable pricing and eliminate the need for additional inverters, making every day a savings day. Cut down on your electricity bills and enjoy approximately 2 kWh savings per day.

  3. DIY Convenience: Effortlessly install your system with our user-friendly DIY setup, requiring only 5 minutes of your time. No professional assistance needed.

  4. All-Weather Performance: Experience an energy supply that's reliable day and night, indoors or outdoors. Our system is designed to meet your power needs in any weather and environment.

  5. Rapid Charging: Harness the power of the sun more efficiently with solar panels that provide higher voltage and current. Charge up faster and be ready for anything.

  6. Smart Management: Stay in control with our intelligent mobile app. Manage your energy usage, monitor solar capture, and save money with just a tap on your smartphone.

Embrace a greener, more sustainable lifestyle with our Balcony Power Station Series – where innovation meets environmental responsibility.


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【Pre-order】LANPWR 2200PRO Balcony Solar System【Pre-order】LANPWR 2200PRO Balcony Solar System