Return & Refund Policy

We hope you love what you've ordered! But just in case you're not 100% satisfied, we've made the return process super easy.

Manufacturers, suppliers, or publishers other than, may provide their own policies. Please contact them for further information. Please note that return and refund policies may vary according to local laws and regulations.  

1. Cancellation

Customers can send an email to to request a full refund within 24 hours after placing an order on

Please note that we will charge a transaction fee if you apply for the refund 24 hours after the order is placed and before delivery has been made (1.5% for credit card users, 2% for PayPal users, 2.6% for Klarna users). 

Orders cannot be canceled after they are shipped.

If a product is out-of-stock or you enter an incomplete or incorrect address, we will contact you via email. If, after 15 days, we do not receive a reply, we will automatically cancel the order and refund your purchase.

2. Return Service

2.1 For Defective Item Returns

For defective items, we will give you a full refund/free replacement. Please contact LANpwr Support at, provide proof of purchase and describe flaws to start the return process.

* Valid Proof of Purchase: 
a. A purchase order number made through;

b. Sales invoice or order confirmation email that clearly shows the description of the product, its price, and sales channel.

2.2 For Normal Item Returns 

a. Applicable Channel:

Our return policy grants you a generous 30-day window from the date of receipt to request a return. Upon sending us an email to initiate the return process, expect a prompt response within 48 hours.

To be eligible for a return, products are ordered on and the item must remain in its original condition, unused or unworn, complete with tags, and housed in its original packaging. Additionally, please ensure to furnish a receipt or proof of purchase along with your return request.

b. Inapplicable Channel:

For products purchased from other Channels LANpwr does not accept unconditional returns, please contact your purchase channel first;

c. Return Cost:

We implement a 20% restocking fee on returns initiated due to customer error. For returns resulting from customer error, the responsibility for return shipping rests with the customer, including payment of associated shipping charges. Please note that fees may vary depending on the region.

2.3 Shipping cost

The rules of liability for return shipping cost are as follows:

a. For Faulty Returns - In this case the shipping cost shall be borne by LANpwr
b. For Unconditional Return - In this case the shipping cost shall be borne by consumer(s).

2.4 Returns Process

  1. a. Providing your product has been received and it has been less than 30 calendar days, you can contact the official customer support via:
  2. Our Support Team will determine whether your order is eligible. After confirming your order is eligible, they will give you a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and provide you with a prepaid return shipping label (label to be determined by the support team). They will also provide instructions on how to properly package the product to return it safely. Do not ship the product until you have received the proper safety directions on how to ship the product. You must clearly mark the RMA number on the package and include your proof of purchase date with the product.
  3. Please do not return the items without the RMA confirmation from the LANpwr Customer Support Team. For returns without confirmation, the refund may not be processed.
  4. After the return of the products, we have three ways of dealing with the customer's request and the actual situation:
    Combined with customer needs and actual conditions, we have three ways to deal with return & refund request:
  • Refund; (Please refer to our Refund Policy for details)
  • Repair after fault investigation; (Please refer to the Repair Policy section of our Warranty Policy for details)
  • Replacement of the product; (Please refer to the Replacement Policy section of our Warranty Policy for details)

Once the return request is confirmed, we will provide you with the warehouse address and you can send it back.

2.5 Requirements of Refunds

  1. For product and all accessories, no man-made damages are found;
  2. All accessories and parts need to be sent back to LANpwr with the main product;
  3. Parts and accessories should be securely packaged for return delivery in order to ensure good condition and to prevent damage during transportation.

 2.6 Refund time

  1. Refund time for cancelled orders: Full refund within 7 business days
  2. Refund time for returns:After LANpwr receives your refund request, we'll issue the refund within 14 business days after we receive your product. We will then notify you by email once your refund has been processed. If you don't receive the refund after 14 business days, please contact;
  3. Returns & Replacement: After LANpwr receives your product replacement request, we'll send a replacement product within 7 business days after receiving your product. Providing LANpwr has sufficient stock, you'll be notified by email with logistics information.