LANPWR 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery with 4000+ Deep Cycles & Built-In 100A BMS, 1280Wh Best RV Lithium Battery


  • Over 4000 cycles at 100% DOD
  • Premium LiFePO4 Technology
  • 10-Year Lifespan
  • Size: 332*176*221mm (L*W*H)
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5 Year Warranty

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【Premium LiFePO4 Technology & 10-Year Lifespan】Experience superior quality with the Lanpwr 12V 100Ah lithium battery, featuring high-grade Automotive LiFePO4 Cells that offer increased energy density and consistent output. Surpassing SLA/AGM batteries, it boasts an impressive 10-year lifespan with over 4000 cycles at 100% DOD. UL tested for safety, it far outlasts the typical 200-500 cycles and 3-year life of SLA/AGM alternatives.

【Comprehensive Protection】With a 100A BMS, the Lanpwr battery provides full protection against overcharge, deep discharge, over-current, overheating, and short circuits, all while boasting an IP65 waterproof rating. Its low self-discharge rate ensures reliable performance in both indoor and outdoor settings.

【Versatile and Expandable】The 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery supports configurations up to 4S4P, enabling a robust 48V 400Ah system that delivers 20.48kWh energy and 20.48kW power. Ideal for RVs, solar installations, home energy storage, and off-grid applications, it offers versatile power solutions.

【Compact and Powerful Group 31 Replacement】Weighing in at a mere 24.25lbs, the Lanpwr 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery is a remarkably lightweight and compact alternative to traditional AGM Group 31 batteries. Despite being only 1/5 the weight of a typical 12V 200Ah lead-acid battery (approximately 130lbs), it provides comparable energy.

Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective】The Lanpwr battery is eco-friendly, free from toxic lead, acid, or heavy metals, and demands less maintenance compared to SLA/AGM batteries. It also proves to be more cost-effective in the long run, offering an extended lifespan and higher efficiency. Make the switch to Lanpwr for a superior and sustainable energy solution.

Product specification


Cell Type:



Rated Capacity:


Max. Expansion (Parallel & Series):


Cycle Life:

Grand A new LiFePO4

5 Years





CE, UN38.3, RoHS

4000 cycles at 100% DOD, 6000 cycles at 80% DOD, 15,000 cycles at 60% DOD


Charge Method :

Charge Voltage :

Recommended Charge Current :

Max. Charge Current :

Continuous discharge Current







Charging Temperature:

Discharging Temperature :




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Customer Reviews

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Alexandros P.
Do NOT buy expensive name brand Lithium-Ion batteries, buy this!

We purchased four of these 100 AH batteries from Lanpwr. We were making the upgrade for our RV from AGM to LiFePo4. While three batteries arrived perfectly fine, and took a charge immediately, the other one arrived bricked and stayed that way. It registered 11.7 volts but would not accept a charge nor would it discharge. We followed all the guidance in the instructions for trying to revive the battery, but nothing worked. Using the chat to send a message to Lanpwr about our troubles with the battery, they immediately issued a return label for the battery. We sent the battery back using the return label - they then asked if wanted a refund or a replacement. We chose replacement and had a new battery in no time at all. The replacement battery took a charge and is now installed with the other battery in our RV - functioning perfectly. At no extra cost at all, just a little bit of time and a trip to the DPD center. This rating is for Lanpwr more than the battery.

The batteries have been in use for less than a month, but they are working exactly as expected. If there are any updates, I will post them here.

Advice for purchasing LiFePO4 batteries:
Upon receiving the battery, use a LiFePO4 charger (not LA charger) to charge before use.
Do not put into service for a least an hour after removing from charger.
If planning parallel installation, balance the battery bank for 24 hrs prior to putting into service.
Watch for swelling during the first day or so after putting into service.
Follow the seller's instructions if you have a problem with the battery, it was a painless experience for us.

Life is never perfect, accept this and move on.

Exceptionally Good for It's Price Point

I bought two of these batteries (12V 100ah). First ordered one to test, satisfied I ordered a second. Both Received On-Time, Good Packaging. Extra terminal bolts provided each. Documentation is good, clear values for User programmed chargers.
These are setup in series now to form a 24V 100ah battery pack. I opted to pay more by having two batteries rather than one 24V battery for a few reasons. As stated above, I was concerned with the quality and wanted to test one battery before doubling down for twice the expense. Second, these batteries have a battery management system which is internal to the battery. If it goes bad, chances are the battery will be useless. Having two go bad is unlikely. So I can always reconfigure my system to run from the good 12V battery. Finally, I have a lot of 12V stuff and having a pair of very good 12V batteries gives me more options.
These batteries are well built, case seems generic but sturdy. Especially happy with the Terminals, they seem very firmly mounted to the case and hold connections tight.
I've run several capacity checks on this, but the only full capacity test I made would be characterized as a .1C test. That is a constant discharge of 100watts, but in my case it was a refrigerator with defrost so when it did run it was about 110watts and about 330watts during the defrost cycle.
I was expecting it to run about 39hours but it only made 32 hours. However, then I worked in the inverter efficiency (90%) and the vampire power used by the inverter even when it is not generating wattage. I did several different discharge tests and always got above 95% of the rated watt/hours. That is excellent considering the price point on these batteries in comparison to other similar batteries.
I DO NOT recommend any PWM charger with these. I tried charging the battery with a Renogy Voyager and the pulses exceeded the max voltage causing the Battery's Management System to disconnect. Even though this Renogy charger has a LifePO4 setting. I contacted Renogy they were no help, I also contacted Lanpwr and the good news is they actually responded. But I knew what the problem was and it simply was not a battery or Battery Management System issue. Needless to say I bought an MPPT charger, EPEVER Triron and it works great. But that is for another review.
Couple more notes. I am shocked at how lightweight this battery is, they weigh about a third of what a typical flooded battery would. Every time I pick them up I am surprised by their lightweight. I am sure RV people will appreciate this.
The max voltage I got on these batteries is 13.5V after it settles, I was expecting 14.4V. Without making this longer, don't worry about it. It is a weird charge curve and 13.5V is basically 99% charge. My discharge test confirm these batteries will perform to there approximate 100ah rating.
In Summary, very happy, highly recommended and I did buy two, perhaps get more in the future.

bis jetzt sehr guter Akku

Lieferung und Bauqualität sind sehr gut.
Ladung usw. alles OK.
Langzeitqualität kann natürlich erst nach Jahren beurteilt werden.
Preis-Leistung sehr gut.


Great buy!

Bo Widen

I bought 3 batteries and 6 months later one of the batteries stopped working and I contacted the company and they helped me quickly and gave me the option of a replacement or a refund,