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Power Station with on-grid Inverter(support 200w/400w/600w/800w) Inside

We integrate the on-grid inverter into the power station, greatly simplifying installation and use, and reducing purchase and installation costs.

Day Mode / Night Mode

With Solar Input Charging featuring PV18-100V/20A 1200W Max, in full sun, in just 2 hours, 1200W solar panels can achieve an impressive 80% charge for the energy storage system, ensuring swift and effective recharging.

Day Mode

Night Mode


Power Down Mode

Empower your home in times of blackouts with our balcony energy storage system. Delivering a continuous 2200Wh and peaking at 4400W, our system ensures that crucial appliances keep running even when the grid fails. Stay resilient in the face of power outages, experiencing uninterrupted comfort with our reliable energy solution.

2 kWh Power Station: Whole House Appliances

Equipped with 3 AC outputs delivering 230V at 50Hz and a robust 2200W with a peak performance of 4400W, our energy storage device ensures reliable power for your home. With this capacity, it effortlessly supports the operation of most household appliances, providing seamless electricity for your entire home.

Easy Setup

Experience hassle-free installation with our plug-and-play design. Our system seamlessly integrates 200W/400W/600W/800W, providing flexible and efficient grid connectivity for your energy needs.

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