【Pre-order】LANPWR D5-2500 Portable Power Station Solar Generator 2160Wh 2500W Perfect for Outdoor camping, RV trip, Outdoor party, Home use

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The LANPWR D5-2500 Portable Power Station is perfect for all your outdoor adventures and unexpected emergencies. With smart fast charging technology, it can power pretty much anything without sacrificing speed. Stay green with the convenience of a lightweight and safe power solution.
Version: EU Socket
Model: D5-2500 only
Option: Black + Gray

Cost Saving

Easy Setup

Efficient Solar Energy

Smart Fast Charging

EPS function, direct charging from mains, 1.6 hours full charge without any adapter, no fear of power failure.

Ready for emergencies

Use as an EPS (emergency power supply) to auto-switch to battery power when the grid goes down. Great for blackouts to keep your essentials running.

Power pretty much anything

A 2500W AC output means you can power more than 90% of your home
appliances. That's your microwave, fridge, or even coffee maker covered in a
blackout. Or, try plugging in up to 9 devices at once for when you're around the table
with the family.

Go green without sacrificing speed

Built-in MPPT intelligent algorithm, maximum power point tracking, with
solar charging board, enjoy endless green energy.

Safety first

Built-in BMS(battery management system) regulates vitals to keep it safe, secure, and built to stand the test of time.


Solar panels fast charge, enjoy endless green energy use electricity like a home.

Product specification

Basic parameters

Net weight

Size of host

Energy capacity of battery pack

Certification standard

Quality guarantee

About 25kg


675000mAh 45Ah 48V 2160Wh


5 years

Output specification

AC output
pure sine wave

USB-A (outout of X4)
(per circuit)

USB-A (output of X2)
(per circuit)

USB-C (output of x2)
(per circuit)

USB-C (output of x1)(per circuit)

Car charging output

Wireless charging output

220VAC, 2500W (peak: 4000W), 50Hz/60H

5V =2.4A, maximum power: 12W (per circuit)

5V=3A9V= 2A.12V=1.5A.maximum power: 18W

5V=3A,9V= 3A,12V- 3A,15V=3A,20V=2.25A,max:45W


12V-8.3A, maximum Power: 100W


Input specification

AC input power

AC input voltage

Solar charging input

Input of car charging

Maximum power of fast charge: 1500W

220V-240V MAX,50HZ/60HZ

11V-50V 9 A MAX, maximum 400W

Support 12V/24V, default input current: 9A

Battery specification

Cycle life

Protection type

After 2500 cycles, the remaining capacity is still 80%+

High temperature protection, low temperature protection, over
discharge protection, over charge protection, overload protection, Short circuit protection, overcurrent protection

Operation specification

The best ambient temperature:

Ambient temperature of discharge:

Ambient temperature of charging:

Ambient temperature of storage:

Charging time:

20°C - 30°C

-10°C - 40°C

0°C - 40°C

-10°C-40°C (optimum: 20°C-30°C)

about 6 hours for 400W solar panel (charging time is determined by photovoltaic), about 1.6 hours for mains electricity, about 17 hours
for car charging

5 year Warranty

Free shipping

Secure payment


Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 8am-8:30pm.Average answer time: 24h

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The product stopped charging

After 1 week the product stopped charging! I contacted tech support via live chat, sent video and photos confirming the problem! The technical support representative is not responding to my request to return the defective product!

Patrick Vandewyngaert
Mobile not intended for permanent fix

Solar panel should not be left in rain. Nor can the unit get wet..
One panel is insufficient alone if partially shady. 2 need to be put parallel cable not standard. A better solution could be serial but max load at 400w by sun.. if that would be 1500 like AC charge it would greatly enhance possibilities... It's pug and play , smart, mobile a great add on for RV as you can charge whilst driving too ... An option for windturbine charge verticale would help not that sunny destinations..

Christer Karlsson

I am very pleased with this power station.
And the price is better than all the bigger brands.